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Wild Life is an ongoing exploration of process which conjures native, animal forms using discarded material found locally.  

26 beasts have thus far been birthed throughout

3 years and 4 continents.


The results are a conversation between land, animal and human. 



Each work has been commissioned without renderings to enable an intuitive method, making space for animal intervention. The following creatures are large scale sculptural sketches.  Each beast is conceived, hand cut and built freestyle by a dedicated 1-3 person team with an average of 3 weeks build time.




2017 Smilodon 30'x16'x9' Steel, mixed media. Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival. Florida


2014 Doe 18'x12'x4' Wood, MDF Lake Idahna Nova Boom Festival. Portugal

Lester and Wilbur

2015 Desert Big Horn Sheep 40'x 16'x8' Wood, Plywood. Coachella Music Festival 2015 Lightning In A bottle 2015 Symbiosis Gathering 2015-2016 currently on public display I5 near Redding Ca.

Soi Stage

2014 Thai Water Buffalo 2 @ 20'x16'x8' Wood, MDF Wonderfruit Festival Chon Buri, Thailand


2015 Mythical Crecent Horse 16'x14'x8' wood Nomadic Community Garden. Shoreditch, London.


2016 6 Ancestral Deer 12'x12'x5' Steel, Plywood, Plastic Ballinlough Castle, West Meath Ireland. Body and Soul Festival 2016 Ireland Latitude Festival 2016 England Electric Picnic 2016 Ireland


2016 Mamuthus Columbi 30'x25'x16' Reclaimed trailer home parts, steel, mixed media. Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival. Florida

Temple Guardians

2016 corvid/human/deer hybrids 2@ 25'x 8'x 12' Steel, plywood, bamboo Boom Festival, Portugal


2016 Tazmanian Tiger 30'x12'x8' Pyalong, Victoria Australia Steel and car parts

Muntjak Dance

2017 muntjak/human hybrid 25'x10'x12' Steel and plywood Wonderfruit Festival Chon Buri, Thailand


2015 Hare 22'x8'x8' wood, mixed media Secret Garden Party Uk

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